Gameweek 2: Sat 11:00 13 August

Season 2022/23 Ready.

The slightly earlier start to the season means the Official FPL website is already set up for the new season. We've updated for the new season so you can get started on planning your Gameweek 1 team.

There's not a huge amount of data available on the website to help you with Gameweek 1. Mostly just stats from previous seasons. We find the following pages the most useful at this early stage.

  • Last and previous season's player Gameweek scores on their info page.
  • Player -> Gameweek History you can view the points a player scored against the opposition from that Gameweek in previous seasons.
  • Player -> Season History shows the overall points for a player from previous seasons.
  • Team -> FDR Fixtures you can see the invaluable fixture grid along with the FDR rating for each fixture.
  • Team -> xG History shows a team's xG ratings from previous seasons.
  • My Squad -> Link your FPL account and start planning your team for Gameweek 1 and beyond.
  • Scout -> Keep track of players you like the look of as you go through each team or hear about on the news.

If there's a feature you think will be really good or something missing then let us know. If we think it's worthwhile we'll try to add it. Time allowing we'll be adding in new features and hopefully improving ones already there.

Good luck for the season ahead.

Price Change

Alonso D CHE 5.4 0
Davis F AVL 5.4 0
Martial F MUN 6.9 0
Nketiah F ARS 6.9 1
Smith Rowe M ARS 5.9 0